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The RS-CNC32 keeps the same frame as the RS-CNC, this low-cost frame has been validated successfully by makers and allows to machining wood, plastics, plexiglass, composites, aluminum, .. .

The big novelty this year is the new electronics with GRBL 32bits Board Kit which is a complete standalone solution, powerful, accurate, reliable, easy to use and to implement thanks to the detailed tutorials, as well adapted for beginners as for experienced, and cheaper than old 8-bit system !

Here are the improvements:

GRBL 32bits board kit is a 4-axis CNC control kit.

Its particularity is that it’s autonomous, it can fully manage the CNC without a computer thanks to its TFT touch screen, but it’s of course possible to connect a computer via USB or WIFI!

Complete solution, powerful, precise, easy to use and to implement thanks to the tutorials, it’s as well adapted for the beginners as for the experienced ones, all for a very low price!

Firmwares are Open Source, GRBL 1.1 for the control board and Firmware developed by Mstrens of the forum for the TFT module.

 GRBL 32bits board kit is compatible with all CNC up to 4 axes with external drivers !!!

 GRBL 32bits board details:


  • 32 bits, so in terms of frequencies, it is rather the drivers that will limit us rather than the board!
  • Amplified signals, like STM32 IOs operate in 3.3v, signals are amplified in 5V for compatibility with a multitude of external drivers.
  • Built-in RC filters, on all switch pins.
  • 5V 3A step down Regulator , does not heat up
  • Low purchase price of the STM32 module (less than 2 €)
  • GRBL 1.1, a genuine open source CNC special firmware that opens up a lot of possibilities and options.
  • Change firmware options without need to flash the board, just with simple command lines under serial console.
  • Manages CNCs up to 4 axes
  • Integrated spindle relay
  • Multitude of pins accessories: Probe, coolant mist, coolant flood, soft reset, Security door, spindle PWM (to put a controled spindle or a laser), spindle DIR, Feed Hold, Cycle start

TFT module details:


  • 3.2″ touch screen
  • SD Slot: Allows you to read G-code files and load additional custom buttons very simply without having to re-flash the firmware
  • USB port: allows to flash ESP32, connect to the console, launch a job via the computer
  • Wifi: Allows to connect to the console, upload a gcode file to the SD and launch the job from the SD via the computer
  • Fully open source and modifiable at will, developed by Mstrens
  • Integrated Nunchuk plug on the front
  • 3 languages to choose from: English, French, German
  • Customizable Colors of all TFT elements
  • For all functions, see  TFT instruction manual


  • 30mm square tubes for more rigidity and allows machine enlargements
  • More rigid and precise MGN12 slides for Z axis
  • Z axis is driven by an ACME rod with anti backlash nut in POM
  • All belts can be stretched
  • X axis has through belts, which reinforces the overall
  • Height-adjustable tray for perfect flatness
  • Machining surface 550x570x75mm (expandable up to 1000 * 1000mm)
  • Very rigid frame for cheap used materials

The cost price is only 350/400 € for performance equal to 3000 € machines!


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8 thoughts on “RS-CNC32 Presentation”

  1. Bravo pour ce travail ! je trouve ça tout simplement hallucinant ! J’envisageai la mpcnc mais comme vous, les commentaires sur sa flexibilité m’ont un peu refroidi ! En tous cas bravo pour le travail, j’ai vraiment envie de me lancer dans l’aventure ! Est ce qu’il vous serait possible d’estimer le nombre d’heures de montage de cette machine une fois que tous les materiaux sont réunis ? Merci !

    1. Bonsoir, Oui bien sûr, il suffit de télécharger la version Mac des logiciels dont on a besoin pour uploader les firmwares , et ensuite la machine est autonome.

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