I3RS32 presentation

The I3 RS32 is the latest 3D printer to be assembled by yourself from MakerFr, it was developed by Romaker under the GNU GPL license with the ideas and support of members of the MakerFr forum, as well as feedback from the I3-RS, thank you all!

The I3 RS32, compared to the I3RS, now incorporates 32-bit electronics as well as other improvements.

  • Capable of printing all types of filaments: PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU …
  • Printing volume 220 * 220 * 210
  • MGN12 slide on Z axis, making the Z wobble impossible.

  • New 3.5 “touch screen more modern, intuitive to use, SD card and USB key
  • Screen switches to Marlin mode by pressing the button for 3 seconds, there are two screens in one!
  • The two interfaces provide access to all printer settings such as Z-offset, steps / mm, babystepping, choice of color for RGB LED lighting, and many more! No more re-flashing the firmware to make changes! (And initial flashing simplified!)

  • Multiplied extruder, for a more torquey, more homogeneous extrusion and insertion of the filament just by pressing the touch screen!
  • Filament training by double gear for better training.

  • 220mm heatbed supplied with 24V for faster and more stable heating
  • BlTouch Z sensor with all the advantages of an inductive sensor without the disadvantages!
  • RGB LED lighting controlled by the printer depending on the status, when printing is started, the lighting turns blue, when the plate is about 60% warm, it turns purple, when the nozzle reaches its temperature, the lighting turns red, when printing starts, the lighting becomes white and once the printing is finished, the printer lights up in green!

In short, this new machine will satisfy the most demanding in terms of quality, speed and design, which places it alongside the most high-end Cartesian printers on the market for a much lower cost price!

In addition, the tutorial is more detailed, wiring and flash firmware simplified, all to make it even more accessible to beginner makers!

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