Enlarge RS-CNC32

Enlarge RS-CNC32 is of course possible, but technically, more it’s enlarged, less rigid it will be, so it depends materials you want to machine,  larger it will be, less it will be accurate and fast on hard materials. Enlarge RS-CNC32 size only if you really need it

Here is an online Excel to help you know the length of each element according to the desired machining surface size

In any case I advise don’t exceeding 1200mm, it’s also advised that Y is larger than X, and not increase Z axis.

No modification needed for printed parts

  • Y box screed measure 180mm more than Y machining length
  • X box screed are 50mm longer than X machining length
  • Training Y smooth rod measures 88mm more than X box screed
  • Y Square steel tubes measure 4mm less than Y box screed
  • X square steel tubes measure 122mm longer than X box screed
  • Box screed at the top of the machine and  back reinforcement are 122mm longer than X box screed
  • You should also consider buying a larger length of GT2 10mm belts.

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