Quad X210 parts list

For X210 quad

X210 carbon frame 4mm with powerboard14mmBanggood
Emax RS2205 2600KV motors 2 CW and 2 CCWBanggood
ESC Littlebee 30A -S4Attention on Aliexpress we only find copies!Banggood
Flight Controler type "Revo F4"1Banggood
FPV Camera1Banggood
Transmitter FPV 5.8G1Banggood
Active buzzer 5V1Banggood
Standoffs + nuts M3 nylonBanggood
8 RGB leds WS2812 strip1Banggood
Mushroom antenna 5.8G RP-SMA plug1choose RP-SMA plugBanggood
5045 propellersA big lot ^^Banggood
Diode type 1N4007 or similar1Recoverable in an old electronic deviceAliexpress
Heat shrinkLot of differents diametersBanggood
Heat Shrink diameter 20mm1mchoose 20mm diameterAliexpress
zip ties 2.5mm1 packAliexpress

Charger and Lipo batteries

The batteries are in 4S (4 cells of 3.7v = 14.8V)

They must have a discharge coefficient of 75C minimum if we do not want the Quad lack of energy on a big acceleration

For the capacity, it is between 1300 and 1550 maH, smaller there would not be enough autonomy, bigger, it would be too heavy, the quad would be less manageable and one would not even gain autonomy because with the overweight, the conso will increase!

Given the low autonomy of this kind of machine (about 5 minutes, and less when it is a pro that drives), it is necessary to have several batteries charged before leaving to do a session.

Lipo charger B6 V2Needs a 12vpower supply like thatBanggood
Tattu 4S 75C 1300 Mah Lipo batteryBanggood
Tattu 4S 75C 1550 Mah Lipo batteryBanggood

Radio control

Here is a selection of radio controls, the Flysky is a good value for beginners, the Frsky Taranis are better, in any case, the range of 2.4ghz is about 2km

Be careful not to confuse the brand Flysky and Frsky, the names are similar, but the receivers do not match with different brand Radios.

We are asked to choose a “mode” for the purchase, it is about the distribution of the orders on the sticks, I advise to choose a “Mode 2” with the left throttle, it is the most widespread and the more intuitive in my opinion.

A choice:CommentLink
Flysky FS-i6XEntry level.
Choose module "X6B" and "MODE 2"
FrSky Taranis Q X7Midrange
Choose Mode 2
FrSky Taranis X9D PlusThe reference !
Choose Mode 2
Receivers for Frsky TaranisTake a "naked" version to save spaceBanggood

FPV goggles

This is an important element in comfort and immersion, two important points to consider, the resolution, and the weight, I strongly advise against taking less than 720 lines in resolution, my first mask was a very cheap VR007, it was stored in the closet after 2 outings!

A choice :CommentLink
Eachine EV100Good value for moneyBanggood
Eachine EV900Very high resolutionBanggood
Eachine VR D2The vital minimum, but a little heavyBanggood
Fatshark Dominator HD3The best of the best, the referenceBanggood

Printables accessories

Leds strip HolderThingiverse
Motors guardsThingiverse
Camera protectionThingiverse
Tattu Lipos protectionThingiverse


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4 thoughts on “Quad X210 parts list”

  1. Bonjour,

    Une petite précision sur les lunettes ou masques Fpv, pour ceux qui portes les lunettes de corrections, s’ils sont compatibles ou pas serait un plus.


    1. Hello !
      Bien vu ! Le truc c’est que pour les masques ça dépend de la taille des lunettes de vue de chacun ! Après les lunettes FPV n’ont pas la place de mettre les lunettes MAIS beaucoup de modèles sont réglables en dioptrie ! du coup pas besoin de lunettes de vue ou de lentilles !, il y a juste à régler les molettes jusqu’à ce qu’on voie net !

  2. salut je viens de découvrir ton site et tes projets… et le celle truc à dire c’est whaouuu… vraiment félicitations… t’a le temps de dormir quand même…lol…
    pour le projet du drône svp quel serait le coût final???

    1. Hello ! Merci pour les encouragements ! C’est clair que c’est beaucoup de boulot entre tout !
      Le drone en lui même revient à 150€, Après il te faut la radiocommande et les lunettes FPV, et là il y en a pour tous les prix, comme tu peux voir j’en ai mit une bonne sélection du moins cher au plus cher en passant par le milieu de gamme en fonction de ton budget 😉

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