I3RS32 wiring

To place the jumpers under the drivers of the card, proceed according to your drivers:


Remember to check everything twice before the first power up, especially polarities!

Click on picture to enlarge.

Note: You can trust the colors of the cables in the diagram, but be aware that the color of the cables of the stepper motors can change from one manufacturer to another, the order of the colors of your stepper motors can therefore be different from the diagram. On my motors, the colors correspond to: A +, A-, B +, B- Check the specifics of yours.

Remember to check behind your power supply if it is properly set to the voltage of your country!


Now we power up, at this point here is what should happen:

The power supply turns
the TFT displays its ugly original firmware
the hotend 30mm fan rotates
the 40mm fan of the case turns
The LED strip may not light up, this is normal

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