RS-CNC wiring

Here are the simplified wiring diagrams for the RS-CNC

1- Power diagram :

The colors of the wires of the stepper motors may vary from one manufacturer to another, check the documentation of your motors to know which color correspond to the wires A +, A-, B +, B-

Note: For added security, you can connect the aluminium box screed (those with the power plug and the emergency stop button) to the ground.

2- Command diagrams :

If the above diagram does not work, do the one below because some resellers have TB6600 with reversed logic and they are indistinguishable from the outside.

To connect the Nunchuk, as there is no key, look in the socket, you have a side with 3 contacts, and the other with two contacts, they must of course correspond with the tracks of the plug of the shield .

Note: The nunchuk must be plugged in for the machine works normally.

Think before the first power up to check that your power is set to the voltage of your country!

TB6600 drivers settings

  • Refer to the printed table on the driver to know the proper position of the small levers on the side of the driver.
  • Set the steps in 1/4 steps (no difference in result with 1/16 setting).
  • Adjust the amperage according to the data sheet of your motors.

Check your connections several times before the first power up, then go to the firmwares page

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