RS-CNC wiring

Here are the simplified wiring diagrams for the RS-CNC

1- Power diagram :

The colors of the wires of the stepper motors may vary from one manufacturer to another, check the documentation of your motors to know which color correspond to the wires A +, A-, B +, B-

Note: For added security, you can connect the aluminium box screed (those with the power plug and the emergency stop button) to the ground.

2- Command diagrams :


To connect the Nunchuk, as there is no key, look in the socket, you have a side with 3 contacts, and the other with two contacts, they must of course correspond with the tracks of the plug of the shield .

Note: The nunchuk must be plugged in for the machine works normally.

Think before the first power up to check that your power is set to the voltage of your country!

TB6600 drivers settings

  • Refer to the printed table on the driver to know the proper position of the small levers on the side of the driver.
  • Set the steps in 1/4 steps (no difference in result with 1/16 setting).
  • Adjust the amperage according to the data sheet of your motors.

Check your connections several times before the first power up, then go to the firmwares page

15 thoughts on “RS-CNC wiring”

  1. Bonjour Gérard,
    J’ai eu le même problème il faut brancher le TFT sur aux1 et l’alimenter en 24v. ça ne fonctionne pas avec juste l’arduino raccordé sur le pc en usb.

    bonne journée

  2. In the TB6600 driver I don’t see the option for 1/4 steps. It only shows options like 1-200, 2/A-400, 2/B-400… which one is correct for 1/4 steps. Thanks!

      1. bonjour,
        désolé si il y a un doublon de message je sais pas si le 1er est posté,

        j’essaye d’installer le firmware mais étant sur l’anceinne version tous mes drivers sont configurés pour l’ancienne
        que faut modifier pour ne pas toucher les réglages de mes drivers ? car il ne fonctionnent pas en 1/4

        merci d’avance

        1. Hello,
          Dans configuration.h il faut trouver les lignes:
          #define XAXIS_STEPS_PER_MM 240
          #define YAXIS_STEPS_PER_MM 240
          #define ZAXIS_STEPS_PER_MM 1600
          et changer les valeurs

  3. Hi RoMaker,

    I bought the CNC shield from your shop and I have one problem: on the pins marked with 5V I don’t have 5V unless I connect arduino to an USB source (PC or other source), any idea how to fix this ?

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi,
      If you don’t have 5v at the 5v pin, please check your arduino mega 2560 board !
      5V pin on the shield uses the 5v power from mega2560 regulator.
      The 5v regulator on the shield is used to power only the tft, not the 5v pin.

      1. On your wiring diagram the gnd pins (ENA- / DIR- / PUL-) are connected on -5V on that pin on shield, and the drivers don’t work, if I connect an usb cable to arduino then all it’s ok, can I take than GND from another source ?

        1. Hi, Ena-, Dir-, Pul- of the TB6600 have to be connected on the GND pin of the shield.
          If you still have issue, please create a post on the forum (international section) with pictures of your wiring.

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