GRBL Settings

Test machine movements

That’s it, everything is flashed, wired, ready to be tested.

At first, you can test the movements via the TFT, for that Setup> Move

When you are in Auto version, as long as you keep your finger on the direction button of an axis, it continues its move.

  • X +: X carriage moves to the right, X- : it moves to the left
  • Y+: Y goes backwards, Y- : Y returns to either
  • Z +: Spindle goes up, Z- Spindle goes down

If one or more engines go the wrong way, here is a simple method to reverse those who need it (even if it can be done by software, see the following paragraph “modify firmware settings”)

You need to take the 4 cables of the motors to reverse, and to invert them as on diagram below:

We also check that the motors move the desired length, for that, always with the movements of the TFT, press the “Auto” button several times until it displays the number “10”, press an axis , like X +, and measure that the carriage X has well moved of 10mm, do it for the 3 axes.

If the travel length does not match, or you have incorrectly set the levers TB6600 drivers, or there is not the right value in the firmware, see the following chapter “change firmware settings”

Change firmware settings

By default, firmware is set for the RS-CNC32, identical to the tutorial, if you want to change settings, it’s not necessary to re-flash GRBL firmware.

Indeed, all you have to do is send simple commands via a simple serial console (like the Arduino software for example) or with a GRBL control software , example: bCNC

->All is explained here<-

To connect your computer to the machine, you have to connect USB cable to the USB port of the TFT ESP32, on the computer, choose baud rate 115200 and the good COM port, click connect, then once the connection established, on TFT, go to Print> USB. There the TFT becomes “transparent” and connection is established between computer and GRBL which is on the STM32.

Note: At no time we use STM32 USB port, neither to flash GRBL, nor to set it, everything passes through ST-link for the initial flash, and TFT to set it or use it.

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