Racer X210 Presentation

Here is a special beginner tutorial that will allow you to mount and set up your first FPV racer drone and enjoy the FPV immersion at lower cost with a drone full of energy 🙂

  • Frame size: 214mm diagonal
  • Weight: 324 grams without the battery, 500g with 1550 mAh battery
  • Extremely energetic, cut for freestyle tricks and racing
  • Theoretical speed: 145 km/h (90 mph)
  • FPV camera
  • Programable RGB led strip
  • Up to 1km range

The tutorial consists of 4 parts, Parts list, Assembly/wiring, Configuration, Tips to start well in FPV.

In the configuration part, I detail the basic settings in order to have a functional quad, I do not fit into the details of settings (PIDs, Rates, Modes, OSD, etc …) to not confuse anyone, well sure the amount of settings available is huge, I already advise you to make your first flights with my basic settings and then you customize them to your liking.

The tutorial is scalable based on frequently asked questions;)

Video of my friend Kangoureuil:

Let’s go to parts list !

7 thoughts on “Racer X210 Presentation”

    1. Yes all FPv racers have a short battery life, but you’ll see that it’s enough, it’s so nervous that when you’re a beginner your brain needs to pause before the end of the battery !

  1. Salut Romain,

    Super projet !!! Je vais me lancer pour me faire ce petit plaisir :p

    Par contre, petite question : y’a possibilité de mettre deux lunettes / masques sur qu’un drone ? (comme une sorte de passager)


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