I3 RS Wiring

Remember to check everything twice before the first power up, especially at the polarity!

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Note 1: You can rely on the colors of the schematic cables, but be aware that the color of the stepper motors cables can change from one manufacturer to another.

On my motors, the colors correspond to: A +, A-, B +, B- Check the specs of yours.

Note 2: the Z2 engine is connected to the E1 output, it is normal because the dual Z is activated in the firmware!

Remember to check well behind your PSU if it is well set to the voltage of your country!

Well, it should look like this once wired and sheathed:

Now we switch on, at this point this is what must happen:

  • PSU fan is on
  • The TFT displays its ugly factory firmware
  • The 30mm hotend fan is on
  • The 40mm electronic box fan is on
  • The RGB led strip is off, it’s normal

It’s time to move to the software section

12 thoughts on “I3 RS Wiring”

  1. Bonjour
    Quels conseils pouvez vous nous donner pour les fils de câblage ?
    A savoir :
    – ou acheter ?
    – quelles sections prendre ?
    – quelles couleurs de préférence ?
    D’avance merci

    1. Bonjour,
      Pour les câbles de puissance j’utilise du 16AWG (1.5mm²)
      Pour le reste quand je dois rallonger des câbles existants, j’utilise une section similaire.
      Les câbles se trouvent en magasin d’électronique ou bien sur Bangood et Aliexpress.

  2. Bonjour. Je suis en phase terminale de montage. J’ai juste une question. Ya t il une polarite sur la canne chauffante? (Tête chauffante). Jai deux fils rouge… Merci bcp

  3. Hello,

    I did the wiring, switched on the printer, succesfully tested all movements, switches, heated both bed and hotend and after an hour of the printer switched on I heard crackling sound from the power supply and the printer went dead. I opened the power supply and the transformer cover was cracked. Do you have any idea what might be the cause? Did I do something wrong or is it possible that the power supply was defected? I would like to avoid situation where I order new power supply and the same happens again.

    Thank you for any ideas,

    Best regards,


  4. Hello,

    il y a marqué, au premier boot, que le ruban Led est éteint, le mien est allumé d’ou viens mon soucis ? il me semble pas avoir inversé des fils…

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