ESP32 TFT firmware

Steps 1 and 2 will only be done once, if you want to update the firmware again, start at step 3.

1. Installing the ESP32 Module for Arduino

If you don’t have it yet, download Arduino IDE software, install it and open it

We have to install the module for ESP32, because Arduino doesn’t manage this chip natively

-Go to Files > preferences

-Copy paste in the “Additional boards Manager URLs” field and click OK

Then go to Tools> Board Type> Card Manager

In the search bar, type ESP32 and click on the install button of “ESP32 by Espressif Systems”

When the installation is finished, go to Tools> Board Type> ESP32 Dev Module

Module for ESP32 is installed 🙂

2. Installing the SdFat.h library

– Download SDfat library but don’t unzip it

-Go to Sketch > Include library > Add .ZIP Library

In the search bar, type “Sdfat”, click in the box of the good result, then “Install”

3. Customizing the program

-Download the latest version of TFT firmware on Mstrens’s Github  (click on green button on the right “Clone or download” then “Download zip”)

– Unzip the file, then go to the folder “grbl_controller_esp32” and click on the file “grbl_controller_esp32.ino” The program opens under arduino (if you get an error message, rename the folder that contains the .ino file in “grbl_controller_esp32”)

-Go to the Config.h tab

– Set Wifi: 1- behind “#define MY_SSID put the SSID” of your box or your router. 2- Behind “#define MY_PASSWORD” put the password of your box or router.

-Choice of language: Behind #define LANGUAGE put FR for French, EN for English, DE for German

– Personalization of all TFT elements colors, everything is explained, just be careful not to choose a clear writing on a light background or vice versa!

4.Firmware upload on ESP32

-Connect your ESP32 to the computer with a Micro-USB cable (as on Android phones)

-Go to the “Tools” menu, and check that we have selected “board type: ESP32 Dev module”, the correct COM port and “USBasp” programmer

-Then click on Upload icon

Once upload is complete, we can unplug the ESP32 and put it on its TFT board


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