Mount your own I3RS32 !

The I3 RS gets a makeover with a lot of new features, and becomes the I3RS32! All details are here Complete tutorial here Update I3RS to I3RS32, it’s here !

Mount a laser module on GRBL32bits board !

Hi Makers ! Many had asked me, that’s it! You can now easily install a diode laser module for laser engraving on your RS-CNC32 or any other CNC using the GRBL32bits board! Tutorial is here !

RS-CNC32, More powerful !

Hi Makers ! This year the RS-CNC offers a 32-bit control kit! What gives us the RS-CNC32 🙂 This autonomous version is more powerful, accurate, open source firmwares including GRBL, with lot of additional features, a little wonder , cheaper than the previous 8-bit version !!! 3 tutorials versions are available: RS-CNC Tutorial from A […]