RS-CNC32, More powerful !

Hi Makers ! This year the RS-CNC offers a 32-bit control kit! What gives us the RS-CNC32 🙂 This autonomous version is more powerful, accurate, open source firmwares including GRBL, with lot of additional features, a little wonder , cheaper than the previous 8-bit version !!! 3 tutorials versions are available: RS-CNC Tutorial from A […]

Build and start with an FPV racer drone

Hello Makers! Spring is here and on this occasion I have prepared a complete tutorial to mount his first drone FPV racer at a lower cost and some tips for getting started in FPV 🙂 Enjoy Click here to see the tutorial

Launch of the all-new I3 RS

Hello Makers! The all-new I3 RS long-awaited is finally online! What to fill the most demanding at a lower cost! The evolutions and novelties are many on this printer to build yourself, easier to mount, easier to use, better print quality, faster … In short, that happiness! Go to the complete free tutorial