I3-R Specifications

The I3-R is a remix of the very good I3 MK2 by Josef Prusa, the worry, it was out of my budget and the same with the originals 3D print files was virtually unfeasible because the parts where fits with are not standard and therefore either very expensive or not found at retail!

That’s why I created the I3-R, fully compatible with the standard parts found everywhere on the web and Open Source !


Inductive sensor for auto-leveling with 9-points probing on aluminum plate (finished the eternal settings of plate before printing!) And printing fan controlled by Ramps 1.4

Ventilated electronic housing designed for the Ramps 1.4

Power socket specially designed for standard power supplies and plugs.

Structural reinforcements with the power supply on one side, and threaded rod on the other side.

Original LED lighting


True linear bearing fixings !

Revised and corrected LCD fasteners, specially designed for the standard LCD “Reprap smart controler”, are clipped to the threaded rods without zip ties.

All for the price of an I3 Chinese kit (+ -300 €), and only a little risk of customs fees because we will order the parts to retail, for a much better quality and more features !

In addition you get a follow-up on the forum 🙂

The tutorials are made so that beginners can follow them without problems, the only prerequisites are to know how to handle basic tools, a soldering iron, and to have a little common sense !

All tutorials are scalable, I’ll expand it according to the questions you will ask on the forum and if you see translation problems, tell me I can correct, my English is not perfect 😉

We start now with the Shopping List !

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