SPARE PARTS SERVICE for members they encounter problems with their parts

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SPARE PARTS SERVICE for members they encounter problems with their parts

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I started a quick helpdesk service for the members of the forum and those of the Facebook group of MakerFr, who are struggling with broken received parts or who received wrong parts or counterfeits ones.

How I got this idea?

Just before our government pronounce the confinement because of the coronavirus, I noted, like all of us, delays with the orders from China. I have thought that the situation would not fix with the arrival of the coronavirus in Europe. In consequence, during the first days of confinement I placed orders for parts needed to build the RS-CNC (especially electronics parts and few mechanic ones) and for which ones I have noted the DIY makers often encountered problems.
The purpose was to stock these parts to help DIY makers of MakerFr who would need them quickly to finish their RS-CNC32.
Given the success this service has met with the members of MakerFr, I have decided to continue it beyond the confinement period.

How this service works?

If I read you are in trouble with your parts I talk about this service, and you are free to use it or not. Obviously, if I did not see you were in trouble, you can send me a private message. I want to say you that I do not do any benefit with this service. You pay the spare parts at the same price I paid them, shipping from China includes, plus the shipping to your location. As long I will be able to, I will not bill any wrapping cost, but I could do if I need to purchase reinforced envelopes in the future. Until now it was used envelopes or ones I already had.
To be completely honest, like I did not want to do complicated calculations, for DUPONT connectors only, I apply a flat rate: 1 pin = 1 cent of Euro.
So, if you need for:
  • three 2-pin DUPONT female connectors, it will cost you: 3 x 2 x 1 cent = 6 cents ;
  • two 4-pin DUPONT female connectors, it will cost you: 2 x 4 x 1 cent = 8 cents ;
  • etc.
I ship the spare parts with tracked letter or parcel. The choice between envelope or parcel depends of the height of your parts. Until 3 cm height I can ship them in an envelope.

Because I do not want any dispute between us, I send you the spare parts first and you pay them only when you receive them. Like that, if your shipment is stolen or lost, you do not pay anything.

I let you read the table (link at the end of this message) where you will find screenshots of the parts’ orders I placed on AliExpress with all prices, and the shipping rates I apply (these rates come from our National post service). I will put an invoice of the shipping cost I paid for you in your envelope or parcel.

I accept payments by Paypal or bank transfer only.

How to benefit from this service?
  1. First at all, this service is EXCLUSIVELY reserved for members whom the RS-CNC32 is already in assembling phase. If you are only at the stage of purchasing the parts, this service is not for you. I will not send you the parts I stock: I am not a shop.
    If you are at the stage of purchasing the parts and you are not sure that some parts are the right ones, please ask to the forum with the link of the advert you found. You also can use the links where I purchased my parts. They are available in the table.
  2. If you want to contact me, send me I private message to not disturb other members or flooding topics with your posts. You also can send me an e-mail at, putting exactly as wrote here “MakerFr” (pay attention to the case) in the object or in the text of you e-mail. Your e-mail will be automatically forwarded to my official e-mail box.
  3. In according with the first point. I reserve me the right to ask you to send me pictures or movies of the status of the construction of your RS-CNC32. I am not a policer. I just want to guarantee the availability of parts to the members they most need them.
Here is the link to access to the table where you will find the parts I have in stock and the ones I have ordered and waiting for.
In the greyed columns the prices are not the same than in the first columns. It is because the price depends from the quantity of parts I order. Obviously, if parts I have in stock is not exhausted, you cannot benefit of the prices of the greyed columns, even if I already received the new order.

Finally, if I also post this message here that means this service is not reserved to the French members only. I already sent an anti-backlash nut in Germany and another one plus an ACME threaded rod in New Zealand!

See ya