Just Upgraded

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Just Upgraded

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I just updated to 1.5 (seems like I must have just missed ordering when 2.0 came out - next time). While updating, I also changed from TB6600 drivers to the DM556 stepper drivers. IT IS SO MUCH QUIETER NOW!

Couple things I'm hoping there is a way to change settings.
1) By default, my CNC comes locked. I liked being able to just pick up the nunchuck and start jogging. Also, if while jogging I hit and endstop, I get an error message and have no idea how to clear it. I usually have to power cycle.
2) The reset button no longer resets the work location. I did like that feature, but suppose I'll get used to the button in time.
3) I'm using a spindle. IF I hit the pause button, it stops everything, but on resume, the spindle never turns back on.
4) My Z step seems off. Switches are the same for all 3 axis' but the z step appears to be only about half of what it should be.

Thanks in advance if you know how to fix these items.