missing steps in jog mode but not when carving

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missing steps in jog mode but not when carving

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Weird problem for all you experts out there.
When I do very small incremental movements to set my zero point my machine seems to lose steps. ie. If I set zero, then home the machine, then go back to zero it's in a slightly different spot.
BUT. it doesn't miss steps at any other point and will zero to the exact same point everytime? I'm doing very detailed topographic maps with heaps of small steps and it carves perfectly. Swapping out tools, it returns to the zero point perfectly and holds accuracy between tools.
So when I'm setting zero, I have to guess the distance, set zero, home the machine, return to zero. Guess the distance, repeat. Once it's set, it's perfect.
Any thoughts? could it be a software rather than hardware problem?
I've been using UGS connected through the usb on the tft
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Re: missing steps in jog mode but not when carving

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Hi iainforrest,

In my opinion you do not loose any motors' steps. the slightly difference when you return to your zero reference point come from the mechanical enstops which are less precise than electromagnetic ones. If you replace you mechanical endstops by reeds like I did you should get rid of this issue. You have to buy normally closed reeds (this model (mine) or this other one, which is better, because anti-vibration) and small round neodymium magnets.

Sorry, I made the video in French only.

Here are the IPT (Autodesk Inventor file extension that you can also open with Autodesk Fusion 360 or SolidWorks, I think), STEP et STL files of the reeds and neodymium magnets supports you can see in the video.

See ya,
Steve H
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Re: missing steps in jog mode but not when carving

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This is a really interesting upgrade, thanks for posting the video and the links. I will certainly give it a go.