Z-Axis gone crazy

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Z-Axis gone crazy

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since yesterday my Z axis of the I3-r behaves very strange.
Whenever i want ot zero it it only moves upwards never down.
When i turn the spindels down by hand so the sensor turns on but as soon as i click on "home Z" in the Repetier host it first moves up a bit stops shortly and the continues up another 3 cm an stops.
The same happens withe PC disconnected and use the "auto home" form the printer panel.

I already repalced the Motor Driver but no change.

I deleted the Arduino and reflashed it from scrach - no change.

I disconnected and reconnected all cables on the Ramps Board to make sure no bad or loose contact - no change.

All other motors and funcitions work.

Can the Arduino itself have such a fault? Or the Ramps 1.4 Board?

Any advice welcome

Cheers Erwin