Problem printing big parts of X belt update

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Problem printing big parts of X belt update

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I have problem printing big parts of belt update (especially "X-left_belt") - holes where bearing should be put are terrible at the top. I've tried printing with PLA and PET-G, and result is the same. I understand that there should be something wrong with my printer or settings, but can't find what's wrong and how to fix it.
Maybe you have any ideas?


Or, maybe it would be possible to cut those circles in half and add some holes for bolts to later connect half circles into one together with a bearing?

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Re: Problem printing pig parts of X belt update

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Hi !

To print this part you have to ventilate with a printing fan and a layer height of 0.25mm.
You can start the ventilation in your slicer just before the layer height where it starts to be difficult