Modified milling templates Z

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Modified milling templates Z

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I modified the two drilling templates for X and Z axis parts. Since I am most used to it, I used Sketchup.

Due to restrictions in this board, this post contains just the Z files.

In both templates I did the following:

- added drilling diameter and tapping size within borders around same sizes, so all holes are labelled in-place
- put shallow plugs in the drilling holes with a very small hole, so you can use a center punch or similar to mark the positions
- since my 3d printer does not support the full 20cm needed, I made printable pdf files for paper output. Print the template, scale resolution
for correct measurements, reprint and stick the paper to the work piece.

Hope someone finds this useful :-)
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Re: Modified milling templates Z

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Hi !
Thank you for your participation Ewald :)