I3-R Wiring

This part is not very complicated, it is quite long because it’s necessary to cut all the cables to the right length and to weld or to crimp the differents plugs, all the most clean and without wiring error, so take your time !

Before cutting any cable, place the printhead away from the Ramps 1.4 box, at the top and towards the power supply.

Put the 3 jumpers under each pololu.

Now switch on wiring, check and double check, and once you are sure of you, check again the good connection and especially the polarity of each branch! You can click on the pic to enlarge.


Warning ! Some power supplies do not support the shunts as shown in the diagram, try first without the shunts, the shunts only serve if the tray fails to reach 100 ° for printing the ABS

The lighting leds is not on the schematic, you can plug it into a 12v input from the Ramps 1.4

Sheath all wires :

Before connecting the wire layers of the LCD, make sure that no wires touch the Mosfets surrounded in yellow, because they will heat up very strongly and will melt the insulation of any wire that will contact and create a short circuit!

We check that the LCD wires don’t touch the Mosfets… And don’t invert “EXP1” and “EXP2” plugs !

And don’t forget to check that the power supply is set to the correct voltage for his country!

Now you can turn on the power to check that you have correctly connected all the wires … If there is a short circuit, you’ll quickly know ^^.

What should be noted at this stage: The enclosure fan and extruder fan must run (not the printing fan, normal). The induction probe red LED lights up when you put metal underneath. The LED strip is lit, the LCD backlight is lit but no writing is present, this is normal, we will now move to the software section !


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  2. I accidentally got a 240W power supply that only has four screw terminals for the positive and negative 16 gauge wires. I was trying to heat up my bed and my power input connector melted. is this because of a lose connection or not enough wattage?

        1. Is it the connector of the ramps that has melted? If yes it happened to me, it was because of a false contact that created an electric arc, I solved the problem by welding a new connector.
          For this kind of technical question it is better to use the forum.
          Have a good day

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