R-CNC Software

Download the IDE Arduino software

  1. Install the Arduino software
  2. Install the U8glib library :
  • Go to Sketch > Include library> Manage libraries and search “U8glib” and install them
  • Close Arduino software

Download the Marlin firmware for R-CNC and unzip them

  • Open Arduino IDE
  • File >Open and looking for Marlin_R-CNC_EN> Marlin_RC7_R-CNC > Marlin_RC7_R-CNC.ino
  • Plug the Ramps 1.4 into a USB port on your computer, either it recognizes the card and installs the driver, or you’ll have to look for the driver corresponding to your card, indeed, the chip making the gateway between USB and serial communication varies From one manufacturer card to another, you have to find the right driver.
  • Once the driver is installed, in the Arduino software, go to Tools> Boards, and select “Mega 2560”
  • Then Tools> Port, and select the port of your card.
  • Upload the firmware by clicking on . This may take a little time.

Note: The firmware is provided for a certain configuration: 1.8 ° motors set in 1 / 16th step, 20×60 teeth pulleys for Y, threaded rods 1,25mm pitch. If your configuration differs, you’ll need to change the values at the “#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT” line on the Configuration.h tab. To help you, you can use this calculation tool.

If you decide to use another firmware, I advise you to note the accelerations and max speeds for each axis that I parameterized in the Marlin for the R-CNC

Now the LCD displays information!

Now we will download the Repetier Host software, just to test the movements of our cnc

  • Install Repetier Host
  • In Repetier, go to Configuration> Printer Setup, select the correct COM port and then “Apply”.
  • Click on the “Connect” icon on the left, it must become green.

We will now move the axes of our CNC! To do this, “Manual control” tab. But above all, manually position each axis in the middle of the travel.

  • You have 3 sets of buttons, the left control X and Y, the middle Z, and the right one the extruder.(But we do not need the latter in our case!)


  • When you click down on the left button set, the portal (Y) must move frontward from the value in mm you have clicked and vice versa.
  • When you click to the right, the extruder (X) must go to the right of the value in mm that you clicked.
  • Same with Z on the middle button set

Note: If one of the motors does not rotate in the correct direction, simply turn its plug 180 ° on the Ramps 1.4 (for the nema 17) or by inverting the two pairs of wires of the nema 23 motors on the TB6600.

Note2: If one of the X or Z motors loses steps in a grunting noise, you must lubricate the threaded rods with PTFE dry lubricant and securely adjust the pololus. (Small potentiometers on the steppers drivers on the Ramps)

We go to use the CNC

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